Episode 8 – Barrie Dye

Fucking Legend!

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Barrie fell into advertising in London, with a decision to be made over the two jobs he had been offered after leaving school. Having absolutely no idea in either field of

“A heating and ventilating consultant”, Or an “Advertising Junior” in a large retail store.

One paid 6 pound twelve and the other 5 pound seven shillings. The money won out.

8 odd years working at the retail store learning the business from some very clever and understanding mentors, it was time to do the reverse “An Aussie swap”. Instead of them coming over to England to take the jobs, I thought I’d go there and take theirs.

A range of lucky breaks, in the lucky country, working in a retail store on arrival in  Sydney, then working with Leo Schofield and Mike Luxton in their own venture. The big change was a phone call from an agency in Brisbane, from which an offer was made. And I don’t think I’ve ever looked back. Following a few changes of workplace place from Masius to Brainwaves (the first ever Brisbane creative boutique) to O&M and then a week of un-employment or as it is called nowadays…..freelance.

A couple of years doing that, moved to setting up a partnership with a long time mate, David Stark. The journey began, of the last thirty years. Dye & Stark Advertising & Associates.

It’s 50 years I’ve been doing this job and I don’t really feel I’ve worked a day of it. Loved every single minute. (There were a few stormy times) but nothing a laugh, some mates and a rum and coke couldn’t fix.