Too Big To Ignore

Finalist 2013
BCM Partnership
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Advocacy for small business

Advertising Agency BCM Partnership
Creative Director Steve Mair
Copywriter Deb Enright
Art Director Kevin Goldwater, Steve Mair
Agency Producer Shane Ford
Account Service Paul Cornwell, Alan Kewley, Abby Mayfield, Anna Hellinger
Client Marketing Manager John Osborn
Production Company BCM Partnership
Director Richard Wang
Producer Shane Ford
Cinematographer Richard Wang
Post Production House Post Lounge
Sound/Music Studio Small Planet
Sound Designer Brian Beamish
Finished Artist Dwayne Smith, Salvatore Borzillo, Chris Symons
Front End Designer Steve Mair, Chris Connolly, Aaron Lepik
Digital Producer Lee-Ann Dennis
Developer Julian Thomas, Aaron Lepik
Back End Developer Andrew Smith, Julian Thomas

Entry ID 1774

Australia’s 2 million small businesses employ over 7 million people and contribute billions of dollars to our economy. Yet their efforts are continually impeded by an ever-growing burden of government taxes, legislation and red tape.

The federal election offered the Australian Chambers of Commerce the opportunity to put small business concerns on the political agenda. The resulting Too Big To Ignore campaign brought thousands of small business voices together, effectively demonstrating to politicians of all persuasions just how large and powerful a force small business truly is.

Support for the campaign was attracted through range of integrated channels, that drove traffic to a dedicated microsite where that support could be registered and promoted further. In just a few short months, the Too Big To Ignore campaign more than lived up to its name, gaining over 80,000 registered supporters and national media coverage worth over $1.5M to date.