Sun Mum Weather Service

Gold 2014
Queensland Health
Sun Safety

Advertising Agency JuniorCru
Creative Director Jonathan Drapes
Copywriter Jonathan Drapes, Corey Silva, Ollie Beeston, Da
Art Director Corey Silva
Account Service Jess Kolb
Client Marketing Manager Penny Paterson, Phillip Stork

Entry ID 2206

Queensland has the world’s highest skin cancer rate. You have to be careful every day. Kids here grow up being sun safe, but as the influence of teachers and parents declines, they get slack. Research shows that teenagers know how to be sun safe… they just need to be reminded. Our challenge was not to educate teenagers on sun safety, but to engage and remind them in a regular on-going way. Our strategy was to create a branded content initiative that could turn Facebook into a teenager weather channel. The Sun Mum Weather Service is a daily weather and UV radiation forecast just for Queensland teenagers delivered straight to their Facebook feeds every single morning with Sun Mum humour and sun safety reminders. Our target was to build a community of 10,000 engaged young Queenslanders. This was passed in the first 4 weeks. Currently we have over 38,000 ‘subscribers’.

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