Breaka Choc Orange Limited Edition Launch

Finalist 2015
Parmalat Australia
Breaka Choc Orange h

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Client Marketing Manager Brett Ballantine
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Entry ID 2526

Breaka has shifted away from the 18-25 audience. The new objective was to launch a new limited edition flavour targeted at the Ôimmune to traditional advertisingÕ teenagers aged 12-18, late primary and most high school students in Queensland.
Another milk. Another flavour. Time for another idea! Promoting the new limited edition flavour via a number of channels was essential if we wanted to reach the teen demographic in places that they frequent. YouTube and Facebook advertising helped get the word out about the flavour, whilst embracing social media to create a two-way flow of communication with our customers via Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, where blend requests were received and then delivered. Finally, our potential target were exposed to AdShel posters (for the avid before and after school, bus travelling student) and in store point of sale.
If you didnÕt think Choc Orange was a thing before, you certainly do now!