Minillac, Batda, Woodishi

Bronze 2015
Publicis Mojo
Personalised Plates Queensland
Personalised Plates

Advertising Agency Publicis Mojo
Creative Director Andy Ward
Copywriter Dan Braithwaite
Art Director Dan Braithwaite
Account Service Sarah McCabe, Georgia Pratt
Client Marketing Manager Taylor Clifford
Graphic Designer Dan Braithwaite
Retoucher Dan Braithwaite
Finished Artist Dan Braithwaite
Photographer/Illustrator Illustrator - Dan Braithwaite

Entry ID 2485

PPQ Themed Plates (Print).

Personalised Plates allow drivers to proudly express their individuality,
hobbies, interests, allegiances and passions – on their motor vehicle.

When asked by PPQ to remind people (in print) of the availability of some classic
themed plates, we created a series of striking Ôvisual onlyÕ ads.

These images show how through the simple addition of themed plates,
their run-of-the-mill, everyday vehicle can be tranformed into those associated
with the various characters and pastimes of which they are passionate.