Supercheap Auto The Best Performing Oils Feature

Silver 2017
Allan Hardy - The Dreamers
Supercheap Auto
Lubricants Campaign Feature

Advertising Agency The Dreamers
Creative Director Allan Hardy and Josh Weier
Production Company The Dreamers
Director Allan Hardy
Producer Ariel Verri and Julian Pennisi
Cinematographer Allan Hardy
Post Production House Chop Shop
Editor Allan Hardy
Visual Effects Marc Purnell and Tim Bahrij
Animator Joe Lancaster
Sound Designer Justin Harrison, Caleb Sullivan and Generdyn

Entry ID 8184

The objective of this campaign was to increase oils category sales growth at Supercheap Auto both during and post campaign period. The secondary objective was to make a viral hit to be shared across the target audience. The campaign was one of the eight finalists in the 2016 World Retail Awards.
Supercheap Auto invested heavily into Google’s suite of products, including YouTube true view and non-skippable ad units, as well as also Google Adwords. The online video was served in different formats including 15″, 30″ and 60″ spots on the YouTube platform. The Google Adwords campaign comprised of ad units being triggered when a searcher looked for oil related products and then were funnelled to a Supercheap Auto landing page featuring the video along with oil products. The video was also displayed across the catch up TV platforms and delivered to it’s 1.6M loyalty member’s through multiple email blasts. It was the #1 brand automotive video on YouTube Australia in 2016.

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