Newstead Brewing Co. Milton Brewery Launch

Finalist 2017
Newstead Brewing Co.
Newstead Brewing Co. Milton

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Client Marketing Manager Darren Magin
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The launch of Newstead Brewing Co.’s new Milton brewery was an exercise in treading carefully and gently taking the piss. Milton has been almost synonymous with brewing and sports events for the best part of a century and the XXXX brewery seemed an easy target, however the notoriously collegiate brewing industry and good manners (as well as potential legal threats) lead to solutions that were cautiously double-edged. Digital outdoor ads within sight of XXXX leveraged their position, human billboards were activated outside events at Suncorp Stadium, outlining the advantages of the new neighbours. Most importantly, every step was taken amplified and added to the carefully honed Newstead brand voice, a laidback straight-talking larrikin tone with commonsense and great taste in beer.