Greatness Rarely Seen

Finalist 2017
Y&R Brisbane
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Advertising Agency Y&R Brisbane
Creative Director Brendan Greaney
Copywriter James McKeown
Art Director Josh Bartlett
Agency Producer Kohbe Vela
Print Production Manager Michelle Short
Account Service Fiona Caird and Helen Leech
Client Marketing Manager Ken Minnikin, Katy Briggs and Sherene Marais
Other Contributors

Online: Kent Smith
Grade: Kali Bateman
Campaign Planning Director: Chris Platt

Entry ID 9147

CHALLENGE: To sell tickets to GC2018, we were competing with people’s perception that they could see it better on TV.

IDEA: To get people to appreciate that you needed to go and see GC2018 to believe it, we demonstrated athletes’ amazing sporting achievements in the real world. After all, for most of us world-records are just numbers until you get to see what those numbers mean in real life. For example, you can hear someone high jumps over 2 metres, but it’s not until you see the bar way above your head at a bus stop that you truly appreciate how amazing that is.