Breaka Flip Challenge

Gold 2017
Ideaworks/Y&R Brisbane

Advertising Agency Ideaworks/Y&R Brisbane
Creative Director Andrew Thompson
Copywriter Jess Gunn
Art Director Katelyn Testa
Agency Producer Carley McConnell
Account Service Antonia Vann and Alex Poulton
Client Marketing Manager Yahn Boschna
Graphic Designer Andy Searles
Other Contributors

Head of Digital: Clint Halket
Junior Digital Producer: Bianka Krook
Editor: Griffin Englander
Videographer: Lloyd Budd & Katelyn Testa

Entry ID 7801

How do you get 12 – 18 year olds to buy more Breaka? Hijack what they’re already doing. Picking up on the water bottle flip sensation taking social media by storm, we created our own version encouraging young consumers to send in their best Breaka bottle flips. On an extremely low budget, we shot some inspiration to get the ball rolling. Breaka drinkers did the rest, with their own videos quickly spreading the word for us. The most talented flippers stacked up to 3,000 views on just one trick shot, achieving tonnes of free reach for the brand. The campaign saw 80,000 interactions through Facebook and Instagram, with a 200% sales increase compared to your average on-pack promotion. Kids were so obsessed that it didn’t take long before Breaka flipping was banned in at least 14 schools. Breakaflip – shaking up a viral trend to turn a typical ROI on it’s head.

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