Stress Baubles

Finalist 2017
Sapient Razorfish
Sapient Razorfish
Agency Christmas card

Advertising Agency Sapient Razorfish
Creative Director Ralphie Barnett
Copywriter Kirsten Twigg
Art Director Jade Thomson
Account Service Steph Miller
Other Contributors

Illustrator Sam Sam Sam Sam

Entry ID 9121

Stress Bauble

2016. Brexit. Donald Trump. Clowns, bloody everywhere.

Things have gone wrong. And people are a little stressed.

Christmas in general comes with its own pressure and a whole bunch of people that try to crush your festive spirit.

The classic disapproving mother-in-law telling you how to mother better. The angry taxi driver that chews your ear off about Uber. The apathetic sales assistant that couldn’t give a damn about your Christmas shopping list. And ol’ Cheeto face himself, has made us all feel a little uneasy.

We thought our clients deserved a little something to take the edge off, so we twisted a classic Christmas decoration and created the stress bauble.

A little stress relief is what we all need for Christmas 2016.