Client of the Year 2017
Super Retail Group
BCF - Boating Camping Fishing

Advertising Agency Clemenger
Creative Director Marianne O'Brien and Cristian Staal
Copywriter Ant Keogh, Marianne O'Brien, Christie Luxton and Shaun Conroy
Art Director Cristian Staal, Andy Geppert and Russel Fox
Agency Producer Karolina Bozajkovska and Lisa Moro
Account Service Allison Witherspoon
Client Marketing Manager Ben McConnell
Production Company Clemenger
Director Nick Kelly
Producer Allison Lockwood
Cinematographer Martyn Williams
Post Production House The Editors/Method
Editor Stuart Morley
Sound/Music Studio Flagstaff Studios
Sound Designer Paul Le Couteur
Graphic Designer Amee WIlson and Andrea Lukacz
Retoucher Derek Leong
Finished Artist Andrea Lukacz
Photographer Dylan Evans
Digital Producer Lee-Ann Dennis
Other Contributors

Anthony Heraghty, Managing Director Leisure Retailing, Super Retail Group
Brand Manager: Sarah Cogzell
Marketing Coordinator: Emma Yerbury
Marketing Coordinator: Melissa Guymer
Creative Chairman: James McGrath
Chief Creative Officer: Ant Keogh
Planning Director: Michael Derepas
Production Designer: Jon Dowding
Colourist: Edel Rafferty
Online Artist: Jamie Scott
Music Production: Electric Dreams Studios
Sound Designer: Paul Le Couteur, Flagstaff Studios

Entry ID 8074

Want more than an integrated campaign? Introducing the BCFing brand platform.
Shameless retail, guaranteed to broaden the appeal of BCFing with work across TV, Radio, Digital and Catalogues.

So how did it go?
BCFing made the podium for complaints, set the line for the Advertising Standards Board, and delivered the BCFing results:

– Brand awareness since launch up by 12%.
– BCF’s total awareness is now on par with Big W.
– Exceeded the year’s sale targets by 25%.