Tap to Unwrap

Bronze 2018
Tap to Unwrap


Advertising Agency Khemistry
Creative Director Lindsay Thompson
Copywriter Jessamy Ross
Art Director Benjamin Drake
Agency Producer Bec Dakin
Account Service Jaleesa Simpson
Production Company Khemistry
Director Nicholas Fornasier
Producer Bec Dakin
Cinematographer Nicholas Fornasier
Post Production House Khemistry
Editor Nicholas Fornasier
Visual Effects Benjamin Drake
Animator Benjamin Drake
Sound/Music Studio Khemistry
Sound Designer David Gaylard
Design Studio Khemistry
Graphic Designer Lieve Torbeyns
Finished Artist Gaelle Masurier
Printer Khemistry
Front End Designer Sophia McDermott
Developer Peter Mills
Other Contributors

Amy-Louise Stay

Entry ID 17408

Each Christmas, Khemistry creates an interactive and joyous season’s greeting for clients. In 2017, we gave the humble ‘gift tag’ the power to rate the quality of wrapped Christmas gifts, using Augmented Reality – thus providing the perfect way to sneak a peek. The tech gift tags were posted to clients with instructions for a purpose built Khemistry AR app. A mock TV infomercial was also created and shared on Khemistry’s online channels. It highlighted the pitfalls of traditional peeking methods and the benefits of Tap to Unwrap in a low-fi, funny way.

Clients stuck tags to presents and under the tree. Then using the app, friends and family could peek at presents anytime – with humorous results. Peeking had other rewards too, with $10 donated to the Smith Family for every peek – totalling $750. That’s 75 peeks from 50 engaged, entertained and curious clients. The perfect wrap to 2017.

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