CEX: A Charity Art Challenge

Finalist 2018
Zenon Kohler & Blaize Bennett
Self Promotion
CEX: A Charity Art Challenge


Other Contributors

Directors - Zenon Kohler, Blaize Bennett

VFX Producer - Jessica Vines

Editing and Motion Graphics - Victor Bandeira, Matt Kelly, Tom Roohan

Cinematographer - Bryn Morrow

Sound Designer - Heath Plumb

Entry ID 18670

CEX Charity Art Challenge and Fundraising Auction

The bowling pin, a peculiarly shaped cultural icon steeped in nostalgia, transformed into a unique canvas.

At Cutting Edge, our team often toils away out of public view. We wanted to introduce the Brisbane advertising community to their unique creative talents. Furthermore, the business is a long-time supporter of the charity Youngcare. If we could help share Youngcare’s story, raise funds, and promote our artists at the same time, that’s a win/win.

The acronym CEX, stands for the Cutting Edge Ten, originally featuring ten Cutting Edge artists. But why keep all this fun to ourselves? We could see bigger things, so we invited Brisbane agencies to join.

The auction attracted media attention with stories published in the local magazines, the Courier Mail, Campaign Brief, LBB Online, and an ABC radio interview. The promo videos racked up thousands of views. The auction attracted 200 attendees and raised $15,000 for Youngcare.