Q-Ride Underwater

Bronze 2018
Mike Lange
Brogent Technologies
Q-Ride Underwater VR Experience

Production Company Cutting Edge
Director Simon Maddison
Post Production House Cutting Edge
Sound/Music Studio Cutting Edge
Sound Designer Mike Lange
Other Contributors

VR Production Partner: Electric Lens Co.
Group General Manager: Kylee Ratz
VR/CG Supervisor: Matthew Hermans
Senior Producer: Lara Allen
VR Executive Producer: Benjamin Richards
Technical Director: Aevar Bjarnason
Environmental Designer: Luke Bubb
Animator: Chris Breeze
CG Artist: David Williams
Production Manager: Andrew Strouthos

Entry ID 19453

In this world-first 4D virtual reality theme park ride commissioned by Brogent Technologies, we set out to design and create an all-encompassing underwater spatial audio mix to coordinate with the ride’s movement, animation, misting and aromatic ocean scents. Titled ‘Q-Ride’ the VR ride takes the audience on a journey into the depths of the ocean encountering manta rays, schools of fish, dolphins, a sea cave and even whales. The 2nd-order ambisonic mix had to be intricately synchronised with the mechanical motion of the ride in order to counteract motion sickness, allowing for greater freedom of camera movement. The result is an other-worldly adventure that suspends disbelief.

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