Plan Your Brisbane

Finalist 2018
Brisbane City Council
Online Social Video

Advertising Agency JSAcreative
Creative Director John Lenneberg
Copywriter Don Blackley
Art Director John Lenneberg
Client Marketing Manager Shannan Kuun
Other Contributors

Evonne Li - Digital Designer

Motion graphics - Hotel Lima (Luke Harris & Suzie Golledge)

Sound Designer - David Williams

Entry ID 18753

Driving awareness for Plan Your Brisbane, a game created with the Brisbane City Council to educate residents of the challenges in accommodating inner-city growth, JSAcreative delivered a 30-second cinema ad and two 15 second social videos that inspired audience participation. The animated videos were part of an overarching awareness campaign, seeded socially to drive online traffic to click through to the game. What resulted was the start to a necessary, citywide conversation about accommodating the approximately 1,300 people coming in each month and ensuring Brisbane remained a great place to live, work and relax. Appearing as a boosted post, Facebook ad and Instagram ad, the video received a total reach of 148,336 and gained 246,981 impressions. The game saw over 100,000 residents having their say about Brisbane’s growth, of which 15,000 ideas were generated and distilled into 8 guiding principles for Brisbane’s future.