Sandcastle Cemeteries

Silver 2018
Y&R Brisbane
QIMR Berghofer
Melanoma Predictor Tool

Advertising Agency Y&R Brisbane
Creative Director Brendan Greaney
Copywriter Andrew Thompson
Art Director Miguel Gadea
Print Production Manager Michelle Short
Account Service Richard Mitchell
Client Marketing Manager Susan Chenoweth
Design Studio Y&R Brisbane
Graphic Designer Miguel Gadea
Other Contributors


JOSHUA BARTLETT - Content Director


PAUL NAGY - Chief Creative Officer´╗┐

Entry ID 17943

Despite years of sun safety ads, over 1,900 Australian lives are lost to melanoma each year. Queensland’s leading cancer researcher wanted a newsworthy way to promote its new melanoma predictor tool. Sandcastle Cemeteries appeared on popular Queensland beaches, delivering a powerful sun safety reminder when people needed it most. The outdoor activity was amplified via social and PR, reaching over 15 million people with an earned media value of over $2 million. More importantly, the predictor tool was downloaded 180,000 times – helping save countless lives in the future.

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