Gerry Cyron

Judge 2021
Thinkerbell, Head Brand Thinker

Inspired by Vance Packard’s ‘The Hidden Persuaders’, Gerry started his quest to understand how people tick, what drives them, their motivations, fears, and desires; and then use that understanding to build brand narratives for commercial gain, social change, and/or behavioural change.

Gerry began his professional career as a Management Consultant 20 years ago in Germany at BBDO Consulting. He has since worked in Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney. Gerry has worked across a broad range of local and international brands across many categories such as Automotive, Entertainment, Finance, FMCG, Telco, Travel, and many more.

His work has been recognised and awarded in major award shows. The Won Report named him the 2nd most awarded Planning Director in the world. Whilst all shiny metal is nice, what drives him is effectiveness and innovation. To him, solving a genuine business problem or societal ill through innovative thinking that is scalable is inspiring.