Nicola Lloyd

Judge 2021
LloydGrey, Director

Nicki Lloyd is founder and director of leading brand consultancy, Lloyd Grey, which has brought timeless and purposeful design to a diverse range of clients for 30 years. Her national and international experience has given her a broad perspective on the interplay of creativity and strategy. Her design-thinking leadership was recognised with the Queensland Premier’s Smart State Design Fellowship in 2011. Nicki was subsequently appointed to the Queensland Government’s Queensland Design Council to advise on the Queensland Design Strategy 2020 and position Queensland in the global economic context. She was also a brand auditor and mentor on the Queensland Government’s Ulysses program, where she helped transform emerging businesses through design.

Nicki is passionate about aligning brands with their purpose and interpreting that through every touchpoint to create authentic, resonant visual and verbal stories. For Nicki, design is never ‘window-dressing’ but something used to achieve worthwhile goals and make a real and lasting difference. Her insights and creative inspiration have launched or revitalised brands across all industry sectors in Australia, UK and the USA.