BADC Trivia Night #1

New year, new trivia. Start reading up now and get your team together!! This one will be faster – more drinking/catching up time! And a few more surprises too! There will be cold beer, bold questions and lots of fun. You can now also purchase a table instead of doing individual tickets. Sounds like a dangerously good idea to us!


WHERE: ARCHIVE BEER BOUTIQUE  -100 Boundary St, West End

WHEN: THURSDAY March 23 @ 6:30PM
TEAMS: Up to 8 Players per table.  (Single? We will find you a table!)

PLAYERS: $15 for BADC/AGDA  members/ $20 for non-members
                     $160 for a table of 8 – buy the table and find your friends

PRIZE: Trev the Trivia Night Trophy

Tables are limited so get your team together and book it ASAP!

You need to be logged in to buy tickets and you may need to join up again. There is a free membership option available but check out the membership options by clicking join. Don’t forget that the Professional Membership is a tax deduction! If you buy more than 8 tickets you won’t all fit on one table and we’ll need to split you up. GST will be added by PayPal.

Get your tickets here!