Duplicate Trophies Ordering

If your name is mentioned in the submitted credits of an awarded piece for Bronze, Silver or Gold, you are entitled to order a duplicate trophy with your name on it. Please search your name on the full credits list/s below and then fill in the duplicate information form. Please ensure you fill in the information required. All information will be verified before trophies are ordered.

To see the full credit list for 2016 -go here – this list is searchable by name.

2015 Full Credit List – click here

2014 Full Credit List – click here

2013 Full Credit List – click here

2012 Full Credit List – click here

This year – you may also order duplicate trophies from previous years back as far as 2012!  Make sure you search your name on each and fill in all the details!

You can also refer to the Annuals!

Steps to order duplicates:

  1. Review the full credit lists above and search by your name to find any/all awards you are credited on.
  2. Click here to order and pay for your duplicates and enter the info from the credits.  Order by 13 Jan 2017.

Professional Members Price – $95 each (including GST)
Non-Members Price – $115 each (including GST) – An invoice will be sent to you on receipt of your order.

For copies of Best of Show – contact Katrine at [email protected]

All duplicate orders must be received by 13th of January and will be delivered at the end of January.

View ALL of the Medals and Finalists work!

You can now also view all of the work for 2016 that was awarded a medal or a finalist, you can view the work in full on the website.  You can also see previous year’s award winners too!  Click here to see it!

To see the archive of all the 2015 work – click here