We have made the decision to ‘snooze’ the BADC Awards program for this year. This was a decision which we in no way took lightly.

In the current climate, there is very limited bandwidth for distraction, be it welcome or otherwise, so we hope that our decision to hibernate the BADC Awards for 2020 will come as some small relief for you and your team.

What will this mean for the 2021 BADC Award season? The finer details of this are still being forged, along with additional contingencies for judging processes. Suffice to say however, our intention is for no work to be left behind and we anticipate an extended eligibility period of 24 months.

When the Awards do return, I can assure you they will do so bigger and BADer than ever, and we have secured a date in October of next year to celebrate the work of our community in a big, bold and very BADC way.

But you won’t have to wait until October 2021 to come together and celebrate with your beloved creative community – we’ll be looking to tie one on, the second we’re all released from our iso chambers.

Until then though, we’re working through new ways to deliver value to our members and new ways we can bring our creative community together – while we all stay a socially acceptable distance apart.

While we have hit the snooze button on 2020, please stay safe, stay healthy and stay sane.