Student Entries for 2015!

Student Entries for the 2015 Awards close on Friday September 25th! Students who are currently studying or have recently graduated can enter work they created while studying.! Students are able to enter up to 3 pieces of work from their folio to be judged by the panel of judges.

We encourage Students to discuss their submissions with their lecturers before finalising submissions. Students are eligible for Trophies at the Awards Night on October 24th!

If you have questions, email [email protected]

Deadline for submission is Friday 25th of September. Entries must be submitted to Cutting Edge, 90 Victoria St, West End by 5pm.


  1. Work out which pieces you are going to enter – talk with your lecturers but make sure you enter. Entry and Membership is free – just register as a student on the BADC Website by clicking on join at
  1. Print out your work to maximum A3 and make sure your name, contact details and college are written on the BACK of your entry/ies. The judges do not see who has entered – only the work. If you are submitting a digital entry, submit it as a print out with screen shots and the url clearly marked to be viewed.


  1. Email a JPEG of each of your entries to [email protected]. If your work does win or make finalist, this JPEG will be used for the Awards Night and for the Annual. The JPEG should best represent the entry.

To see the student entry winners from last year, just click here!