The 2024 BADC Awards

Now Open for Entry..

The Great Wall of China. The Pyramids of Giza. Actually decent ads. All things that took incredible amounts of human effort. Sure, you weren’t subject to regular beatings, but that doesn’t make the struggle any less real. Over the past 50 years, this has been the way of the Brisbane ad industry. This year, we celebrate the sweat.

Entries are now open for the 50th BADC Awards. You’ve done whatever it takes to get to this point, now do whatever it takes to get your work entered:

  1. Register or login to the entry system. If you have entered previously, you will be able to login using the same user name and password.
  2. Download the Entry Kit.
  3. Select Your Categories and Subcategories.
  4. Print out a sample entry form so you can see the data you need to collect for each entry.
  5. Prepare your entry files + credits
  6. Input your entries + upload your files
  7. Renew or join up memberships for the main entrants
  8. Submit + pay for your entries
  9. Await the night!

If you have any uncertainty about the category, don’t hesitate to reach out. Email [email protected] or call Katrine at 0418 885 648 for assistance and guidance. Being in the right category is vital for ensuring your hard-made work is seen in the right light.

Get the Entry Kit now

Log in to our awards system, download the CURRENT Entry Kit now, and prepare your entries.

  • Entries open – 19 June
  • Submission – 15 July (Early Bird)/ 22 July (Extended)
  • Awards night – 2 November (Held at The Star Casino, Brisbane)

What do you need to do now?

  • Download and print the Entry Kit – Chat to your team about what to enter!**
  • Work out what files you need to pull together to start entering
  • The entry system is open so you can start entering – make sure your members have renewed their memberships – you will need their membership number.
  • We will contact you via email with any news/updates so make sure you are checking your email.