AGM 28th July 2020

It is that time of year. The Annual General Meeting of Brisbane Advertising & Design Club Inc will be held on 28th July.

Committee Nominations

  • President – Stuart Myerscough
  • Treasurer – Mikael Wedemeyer
  • Secretary – Sarah McCabe
  • Committee Member  – Katrine Bowman
  • Committee Member – Mignon van Weeren
  • Committee Member – Natalie Mitchell
  • Committee Member – Ingrid Postle

Committee Nominations – Due 14th July

  • Any 2 members of the association may nominate another financial member to serve as a member of the management committee in writing
  • Nominations must be signed by the candidate and the financial members who nominated him or her
  • Nominations are due on the 14th July, 2 weeks before the AGM
  • Nominations must be returned to [email protected] 14 days prior to the (annual) general meeting.
  • Nominations will be published on the BADC website 1 week prior to the AGM (21st July)
  • All roles are a 12-month commitment and are voted on at the AGM

Nomination Form – To be completed and signed by 2 financial members

Annual General Meeting – 28th July, 7:30am

  • The annual general meeting will start at 7:30am sharp on 28th July
  • Online RSVP by 21st July is essential for numbers and for a meeting link
  • The meeting will be held via Zoom
  • All financial members are invited to attend and vote on the nominations and special resolution
  • A proxy form is available and must be provided to the secretary prior to the start of the meeting

AGM Proxy – Must be provided to the secretary prior to the start of the meeting

RSVP Online – By 21st July


Proposed Agenda


Special Resolution – Adoption of a new constitution

  • Preamble: The Brisbane Advertising and Design Club Inc is currently operating under the default model rules for Qld Associations. The BADC committee believes these model rules do not reflect the nature and structure of our organisation. We have amended the rules so that they accurately reflect our purpose and membership and propose a special resolution for their adoption.
  • Special resolution: The Brisbane Advertising and Design Club Inc adopt the constitution as provided.

Proposed BADC Constitution – 1 June 2020 –  With the changes from the current model rules marked for consideration.