Final and only extension…

Late Entry Fee Waived – All entries close COB Friday !

So a snap lockdown sucks in oh so many ways! Due to the phonecalls and emails I have received this morning, we get that on top of workloads, it makes getting entries finalised today, that much more challenging.

So we have decided to waive the 30% late fee and you have until COB Friday to finalise all of your entries.

We hope this helps!

On behalf of the BADC Committee, welcome back from the wilderness!

2020 was like a long winter’s night – cold and dark, and we made the decision to tuck our BADC Awards in safe and snug for the winter. Now, as the Awards awaken fresh from an extended slumber, we want to make certain that no work is left behind.

So, for the first time ever in BADC Awards history, we’re doing a double header!  That’s 2 years worth of work, which will be eligible for entry this year.

Does this mean double the amount of entries and double the number of medals?  Just as in previous years, all work will be judged and awarded based on merit.

Does this mean double the length of Award Show?  Absolutely not – in fact we’re always looking for ways to trim the show further!

We’ve been working behind the scenes to update award categories and have made some small changes accordingly – so please check out the Call for Entries early.

We also have a brand new entry system that we hope you will find easier to use for the submission of your work, and will also allow us to transition to an online judging process while COVID continues to mess with everything we’ve ever know and cared about.

The entry system is now open, so start getting your entries organised – register here now to get the Call for Entries!