BADC members have represented the best Brisbane can offer in our amazing industry since 1974.

A club for “Creative Individuals”. BADC has always been a creative club, a club of individuals who worship the altar of the different, the original, the new and the unexpected. However, creativity is a character trait, not a job description. You don’t have to come from the creative department of an agency to be a creative person. You don’t have to be a director or an editor.

You could be a producer or an account director or a receptionist. Creative individuals love creativity, strive for it and go out of their way to culture it, from whatever position they occupy in a company.

Hall of Fame

  • 2023 Mark Toia
  • 2022 Andy Ward
  • 2021 Joan Sankey
  • 2019 Rob Kent
  • 2018 Kylee Ratz
  • 2017 Lindsay Donaldson
  • 2015 Ross Batten
  • 2014 Vicki Lee & Andrew Wareham
  • 2013 Kerry Farrell
  • 2012 Rem Bruijn
  • 2011 Greg Crawford
  • 2010 Keith Fowle
  • 2009 Ron Johanson
  • 2008 Steve Cooper
  • 2007 Ray Smith
  • 2006 John Stainton
  • 2005 Steve Minon
  • 2004 Sandy Peacock
  • 2001 John Summerville
  • 2000 Ian Jensen
  • 1999 Hugh Edwards
  • 1998 Noel Harris
  • 1997 Bernie Cuming
  • 1996 Nancy Hartley
  • 1995 Bob Blasdall
  • 1994 Ted Poulter, Trevor Downes, Stewart Powell
  • 1993 Peter Ferrier
  • 1992 Chuck Hobler
  • 1991 Greville Patterson
  • 1990 Kevin Fielding, John Blachard
  • 1989 Joan Yardley, John Garnsey
  • 1988 Barrie Dye

Person of the Year

  • 2019 Mikael Wedemeyer
  • 2016 Katrine Bowman
  • 2015 Tom Lusch
  • 2014 Ralph Barnett
  • 2013 Tim Ariel
  • 2010 Davros El Davros
  • 2009 Matt Dye
  • 2007 Peta Burns
  • 2006 Debbie Livingston
  • 2005 Matt Emmerson
  • 2003 Michelle Wacker
  • 2002 Nick Pritchard
  • 2000 Ross Benn
  • 1999 Debbie Cross
  • 1998 Judi Bailey
  • 1997 Julie Pfitzner
  • 1996 Phil Taylor
  • 1995 Chris Tyquin
  • 1994 Lawrie Jordan
  • 1993 Ron Johanson
  • 1992 Steve Cooper
  • 1991 Keith Fowle
  • 1990 Tom Lusch
  • 1989 Ted Poulter
  • 1988 Max Bannah
  • 1987 Tom Kelsall
  • 1986 Brian Cassingham

Past Presidents

  • 2019 – 2022 Stuart Myerscough
  • 2014 – 2018 Garry Smith
  • 2011 – 2013 Matt Dye
  • 2010 Shane Murray
  • 2009 David Coxeter and James Dein
  • 2008 Jim Strachan and Charles Schaefer
  • 2007 Amanda Dunne and Jodie Camilleri
  • 2006 Sandra Hind and Shane Murray
  • 2005 Nancy Hartley and Justine Douglas
  • 2004 Zuraya Hamilton
  • 2003 Jeff Smith and Antoinette Emmerson
  • 2002 Steve Minon and Justine Douglas
  • 2001 Peter Goodall
  • 2000 Allan Hartley
  • 1999 Ross Benn
  • 1998 Hugh Edwards and David McClean
  • 1997 Brad Salisbury
  • 1996 Bill Venn
  • 1995 Debbie Cross
  • 1994 Mark Overett
  • 1993 Don Blackley
  • 1992 Noel Harris
  • 1990-1991 Hugh Edwards and Lawrie Jordan
  • 1989 Andrew Delbridge
  • 1980-1988 Barrie Dye
  • 1978-1979 Kevin Fielding
  • 1974-1977 Stewart Powell

History of the Brisbane Advertising and Design Club (BADC)

The Brisbane Advertising and Design Club (formerly The Brisbane Art Directors Club) began in 1974 as a social club founded by Kevin Fielding (Creative Director of Masius, Brisbane), Ted Poulter (freelance illustrator), Stewart Powell (freelance designer) and David Laidley (Creative director of Peter Rodger Advertising). Its members enjoyed monthly social events, car rallys and of course, Christmas parties. A new calendar was printed each year and there was the all-important award night. In these days the Brisbane Art Directors had a large membership, the running of the club made possible by an annual membership fee. The BAD awards were to emerge as the most important aspect of the Club.

The first award judging was in June 1975. The judging panel was comprised mostly of locals plus at least one interstate judge. The first interstate judge was Paul Jones. Mr Jones was from Sydney and was highly regarded in the industry. Judging took the form of a ‘Pea in a pot’ system under the watchful eye of Don Baker of CBN sales. Don Baker filled this role for 10 years and was followed by Trevor Johnson.

By the fifth year all the judges of the awards were from out of Brisbane, namely from Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide. With the reputation of the club growing, particularly in the southern states, the awards had no trouble attracting some of the top names as judges. A look through the list of names of past judges shows a who’s who of Australian advertising.

The judging categories have changed and developed over the years. Categories were added to the list as they came into prominence. In 1982 , BADC were the first club in Australia to introduce a free-entry, student category. 1987 saw the introduction of the BAD Person of the Year award, designed to recognise outstanding contribution to the industry.

But the one thing that has kept the BADC going for all these years is their ability to throw a fantastic party. By 1979 Barrie Dye and Ted Poulter had begun to envisage the awards as a big party plus an awards night. The people liked the idea. The awards went from a crowd of 100 at the first awards night to a staggering 800 – 1000 by 1988. There was now a problem of finding a venue for so many people. A creatively modified City Hall was the only place in Brisbane big enough. The concept of catching up with old friends has certainly been a success.

Of course a party this big needs someone to pay for it. It was in the ninth year that sponsorship began, with categories being sponsored by suppliers and other associated businesses. The first sponsor was Brian Cassingham of Cass and Company.

But if there is a single continuing legacy that BADC have brought to Brisbane, it is their contribution to the standard of work being produced in Brisbane today. By forcing the industry to assess their work, the BADC awards have made a significant contribution to increasing standards of work in Brisbane today. This in turn has meant greater recognition of the talented people working out of Brisbane.

And that has been and always should be the aim of the Brisbane Advertising and Design Club, to promote the creative excellence of the Brisbane advertising and design industry.