Duplicate Trophies & Full Credits List for 2013 Awards!


Congratulations To All Of Our Award Winners For 2013! Duplicate Trophies are now available to order for both members and non-members.  Here is the FULL Credits List for all awards. Full Credits list 2013.     Use the search function to find any awards you are credited on. If your name is mentioned in the [...]

The 2013 Medals and Finalist List!


The 2013 BADC Award Trophies were presented on Saturday, November 2nd.  Here is the list of Medalists and Finalist! Thank you to everyone who entered and supported the Awards, and a very big thank you to the professionalism and expertise of our Judging Panels. 2013 Finalist and Medals List – MASTERk         [...]

Tickets Now Available for the Twenty13 BADC Awards!


To purchase your tickets – click on the Events Link now! Tickets are strictly limited to venue capacity.  Once sold out – no further tickets will be available!  Get in quick!


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