Breaka Choc Orange Limited Edition Launch

Bronze 2015
Parmalat Australia
Breaka Choc Orange

Advertising Agency NOUS
Creative Director NOUS
Copywriter NOUS
Art Director NOUS
Agency Producer NOUS
Account Service NOUS
Client Marketing Manager Brett Ballantine
Production Company NOUS
Director NOUS
Producer NOUS
Cinematographer NOUS
Post Production House NOUS
Editor NOUS
Visual Effects NOUS
Sound/Music Studio NOUS
Sound Designer NOUS

Entry ID 2550

Breaka has shifted away from the 18-25 audience. The new objective was to launch a new limited edition flavour targeted at the Ôimmune to traditional advertisingÕ teenagers aged 12-18 in Queensland. With the complication of both the Jaffa style chocolate orange flavour being not as well-known within the teen demographic, combined with their ability to detect and ignore polished advertising messages, a piece of homemade and engaging content was necessary to cut through.

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