Mates Motel

Bronze 2015
Department of Transport and Main Roads
Anti-Drink Driving

Advertising Agency BCM
Creative Director Peter Goodall, Steve Mair
Copywriter Kate Hunter
Art Director Mike Rolfe
Agency Producer Shane Ford
Account Service Kevin Moreland, Shelley Lewis
Client Marketing Manager Karen Pond, Kerrie Tregenza
Production Company Taxi Film Production
Director Miles Murphy
Producer Andrew Wareham
Cinematographer Mark Wareham
Post Production House Cutting Edge
Sound/Music Studio Cutting Edge
Finished Artist Dwayne Smith
Front End Designer Steve Mair
Digital Producer Anna Smith
Back End Developer Julian Thomas

Entry ID 2698

When it comes to drinking and driving, traditional messages and shock tactics just donÕt cut it any more. Especially for young drivers.

So this Christmas we went a different way. We tapped into everybodyÕs innate sense of hospitality, and introduced the Mates Motel.

The idea was to encourage drinkers to plan to sleep over, and to encourage Queenslanders to offer mates a bed, couch or bean-bag for the night.

The message was communicated on TV, cinema, radio, outdoor and online, where people could even create personalised neon motel signs and share them with their mates.

Post campaign research reported ad recall of 83%. And over Christmas, police reported a 9.5% reduction in the number of people driving over the limit.