Three Creative Reasons

Silver 2017
Lieve Torbeyns
Sgt Purple
Direct Mail

Creative Director Lieve Torbeyns
Copywriter Lieve Torbeyns
Art Director Lieve Torbeyns
Graphic Designer Lieve Torbeyns
Illustrator Lieve Torbeyns

Entry ID 7637

Lieve Torbeyns (Sgt Purple) needed to grab the attention of Brisbane’s key creatives. So, using her talents in art direction, design & illustration, this Direct Mail piece was concepted, designed, illustrated, constructed and hand delivered. It opens to reveal an introduction to Lieve’s creative brain and skill set. When the page is removed, it reveals 3 small boxes. Supported by her illustrations, each box shows and explains a favourite quote of Lieve. Therefore, each box is created to inspire the reader. The first box is devoted to being ‘a bit nuts’ (aren’t we all?). The second contains ‘Go the F to sleep’ tea bags, because creating great work means sometimes working long nights. The third reveals Lieve’s identity with a card and coffee invitation. All designs & illustrations are influenced by some of Lieve’s favourite quotes, snacks and tea. This Direct Mail is called the “Three creative reasons” to hire Lieve as a creative.

Duplicate Trophies

If your name is mentioned in the submitted credits of this piece, you are entitled to order a duplicate trophy with your name on it.