Nick Did This posters

Bronze 2017
Romain Gambetta
Nick Did This
Promotional posters

Advertising Agency Nick Did This
Creative Director Nick Pritchard
Art Director Romain Gambetta
Print Production Manager Stuart Thompson
Design Studio Nick Did This
Graphic Designer Romain Gambetta
Retoucher Romain Gambetta
Finished Artist Romain Gambetta
Printer Flash Photobition
Illustrator Romain Gambetta

Entry ID 8434

When you’re in a creative industry surely it makes sense to produce some creative promotional artwork for yourselves? Because we’re known for our love of all things insects, creepy and generally weird, we decided to create posters for ourselves that were also amazing pieces of art that clients and prospective clients would actually want to hang.

Duplicate Trophies

If your name is mentioned in the submitted credits of this piece, you are entitled to order a duplicate trophy with your name on it.