Everybody Has a Role to Play; Respect.

Silver 2018
Qld Govt: Dept of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services
All Abilities Queensland


Advertising Agency Khemistry
Creative Director Lindsay Thompson
Copywriter Lindsay Thompson, Tim Kelly
Art Director Lindsay Thompson
Account Service Priscilla Jeha
Client Marketing Manager Tanya Campbell
Front End Designer Sophia McDermott
Digital Producer Danielle Shannon
Developer Lakeisha Wall
Back End Developer Jose Navas
Other Contributors

Indelability Arts

Catarina Hebbard

Rebecca Roberts

Michel Labosse

Sarah Ferguson

Entry ID 17398

To create a more inclusive All Abilities Queensland, we needed to change the community’s indifferent attitude towards people with a disability. So, to prove how talented, important and valuable these Queenslanders are, we gave the microphone those who know first-hand. In collaboration with inclusive theatre company Indelability Arts, we created a series of online videos exploring the challenges affecting Queenslanders with disabilities.

The RESPECT video featured real-life experiences of Queenslanders with disabilities and heard about their hopes for ‘Communities for all’. RESPECT was produced in a slam-poet style with choreographed projections. Exceeding expectations, it quashed misconceptions and encouraged Queenslanders to engage with disability in a new way.

One of three videos, it was launched by the minister for the Department of Disability Services at Queensland Parliament House. It has been viewed 110,000+ times on Facebook and has helped attract 30,000+ visitors to the well curated campaign website.

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