Inbox Letterbox

Finalist 2019

Advertising Agency GrowthOps | Khemistry
Creative Director Lindsay Thompson
Copywriter Andy Bird
Art Director Simon Budzevski
Account Service Mark Gregory
Design Studio GrowthOps | Khemistry
Graphic Designer Lieve Torbeyns
Finished Artist Steve Wallwork
Printer Colour Chiefs
Other Contributors

General Manager: Priscilla Jeha

We wanted to show off our DM expertise to prospective clients. But, we knew that to pique their interest, we would need to send them a DM piece that defied their expectations. So, we didn’t just send them a letter – we sent them the letterbox too.

We designed bespoke wooden letter boxes, assembled them in-house and personalised them for each of our new business targets. Inside each letterbox was a die-cut mail piece, which we individually tailored using data about our prospects’ preferences and hobbies. This allowed us to populate a rich, detailed and personalised experience – at the same time demonstrating that in either the letterbox or inbox, we have the direct marketing experience to grow their business.