Finalist 2019
next Thursday
Direct Mail


Advertising Agency next Thursday
Creative Director Andrew Iles
Copywriter Andrew Iles, Charles Schaefer, Eugene Horat
Art Director Andrew Iles
Agency Producer Dan Adler
Print Production Manager Tanya O'Neill
Account Service Dan Adler
Client Marketing Manager Matthew Neibling
Production Company Bodhi Films
Director Brendan Williams
Producer Todd Williams
Cinematographer Brendan Williams
Post Production House Bodhi Films
Editor Brendan Williams
Visual Effects Brendan Williams
Sound/Music Studio Rosco Audio
Sound Designer Rosco
Design Studio next Thursday
Graphic Designer Andrew Iles
Finished Artist Andrew Iles
Front End Designer Acis
Digital Producer Acis
Developer Acis
Back End Developer Acis
Other Contributors

Telia Chilundo Mhonda, CD from TBWA Zimbabwe for her locations
Ryan Kidd

Entry ID 26688

Acis, one of Australia’s largest providers of business and investment structures and restructures, needed to get the attention of owners/directors of accounting firms. A direct marketing piece was needed. Each recipient receives a personalised hand written card with their name, title and 3 digits. The next day, an army metal dog tag, with the same information was delivered. The following day a Zero Halliburton arrives – the choice of briefcase for spies and drug lords. Using the 3 digit code to open the case reveals billions of dollars of genuine Zimbabwean currency. A card on top prompts the recipient to visit whytaketherisk.com.au
Once there, your 3 digit code plays a video that demonstrates what happens when your finances aren’t scrutinized. This was filmed in Harare, Zimbabwe.
We got our hands on enough currency (that doesn’t exist in circulation) to fill 100 briefcases which was a feat in itself. Maita basa!