Bronze 2019
ROMEO Digital
ROMEO Digital
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Advertising Agency ROMEO Digital
Creative Director Marco Eychenne
Copywriter Mike Kennedy, Scott Esdaile
Art Director Jade Stephens, Marco Eychenne
Account Service Amanda Schultz
Design Studio ROMEO Digital
Graphic Designer Jade Stephens, Marco Eychenne
Front End Designer Jade Stephens
Digital Producer Joel Garvey
Developer Jonny Lu, Michael Schmidt
Back End Developer Joel Garvey
Other Contributors

Head of Innovation: Oscar Nicholson
Head of Strategy: Scott Esdaile

Entry ID 25033

How do you reposition an after-digital agency, without using the word digital? In a world where everything is digital, what is a digital agency? Describing themselves as ‘the post-digital creative agency that understands true connections are built on emotion, not technology and devices’, Romeo set out to create a revitalised brand that really set them apart in a sea of digital agency sameness.
The idea was to describe Romeo’s technology-based marketing and connectivity business emotionally. The line ‘LOVE WHAT’S NEXT’ captured the essence of their approach — always looking forward to the next brief, the next new piece of tech, the next big creative technology idea, the next big project. The visual concept was an abstracted representation of a man and a woman climbing ‘into the future’ through a circular portal, combined with dynamic brush stroke type style designed to ‘de-digitalise’ the look and feel.


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