Finalist 2019
Nick Verburgt

Advertising Agency Nick Verburgt Digital Creative
Creative Director Nick Verburgt
Front End Designer Nick Verburgt
Developer Nick Verburgt
Back End Developer Nick Verburgt

I wanted a proactive project, where I could self-promote my love of photography and my love of web design and development. The result is a website that displays vintage photos from around Brisbane and through simple user interaction (mouse or touch), the photo transitions to what a photo, that I have taken from the exact same spot, looks like today. I really think it is a unique insight into how Brisbane has (or hasn’t) changed. It can be an intergenerational link, for families who have lived here their entire lives or an interesting insight of our history, for people who have never been. I have seen ‘before & after’ photos elsewhere, but I think my work gives an immersive experience, with clear and concise usability, that showcases not only my photography abilities, but also my competence as a designer and developer in this interactive category.