Not another agency Christmas Card

Finalist 2019
Valentine's Day gift

Advertising Agency Brainheart
Creative Director Rem Bruijn
Copywriter Rem Bruijn
Art Director Emerson Domingo Jr
Agency Producer Rem Bruijn
Print Production Manager Emerson Domingo Jr
Account Service Rem Bruijn
Design Studio Brainheart
Graphic Designer Emerson Domingo Jr
Retoucher Emerson Domingo Jr
Finished Artist Emerson Domingo Jr
Illustrator Emerson Domingo Jr/ Monique Kneepkens
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Honey Supplier : Fassifern Nectar

In Christmas 2018, Brainheart wanted to say thank you to our clients and creative partners in a brainy and heartfelt way. So we cut through the crazy Christmas crush of too many gifts, parties and festive self promotion by ringing them…. and saving our ‘client love’ for a time when they’d actually be hoping for something – Valentine’s Day!

We mailed and hand delivered specially ‘Valentine’s Day’ Brainheart branded boxes containing jars of local beekeeper raw honey that we named and branded ‘Waggledance Honey’. Why did we gift honey? Because it stays on tables (in office kitchen or homes) for around a month. That’s stickiness that websites would kill for! Plus supporting local beekeepers supports bees – the propagators of all life on earth. Sweet! Why ‘Waggledance’? Well firstly, because we didn’t want our Brainheart brand so overtly intruding into their lives… just our thinking and yummy sweetness. And also because the waggledance is how bees returning back to the hive tell other bees where the flowers are – it’s a beautiful example of communication that is distinctive, relevant and proprietary – which is what Brainheart promises to deliver! Best of all we invited our clients and partners to film themselves doing the waggledance to help start a movement to support local beekeepers, and many of them actually did !

So it’s a gift that is still giving, well after their many christmas gifts would have been long forgotten. Ho ho ho.