Official Packaging Supplier of Air Guitar Australia

Bronze 2019

Advertising Agency Brainheart
Creative Director Rem Bruijn/Matt Henry
Copywriter Nathan Keene/ Will Faulkner / Rem Bruijn
Art Director Nathan Keene/ Will Faulkner / Rem Bruijn
Agency Producer Rem Bruijn
Account Service Rem Bruijn
Client Marketing Manager Matt Henry/ Suzie Young/ Angelina Mavrick
Production Company Fireteller Films
Director Nathan Keene / Will Faulkner
Producer Nathan Keene/ Will Faulkner/ Matt Henry
Cinematographer Nathan Keene/ Will Faulkner
Post Production House Fireteller Films
Editor Nathan Keene/ Will Faulkner/Bruno Ribeiro Profeta
Animator Bruno Ribiero Profeta (Smoke Creative)
Sound/Music Studio Fireteller Films
Sound Designer Nathan Keene/Will Faulkner
Other Contributors

Co-producer: Angelina Mavrick
Graphic Designers: Kim Reynolds & Dave Rayner
Post production Co-producer: Tricia Scanlan (Smoke Creative)
Logo Design: Katrin Hummel (Smoke Creative)

Entry ID 25350

Signet is a trusted national supplier of packaging supplies. Over the years they have been the packaging ‘wind beneath the wings’ of millions of products. Not that anyone much noticed! Until, In 2018, Signet became the Official Packaging Supplier of Air Guitar Australia., entrusted with keeping all the air guitars safe in transit. Additionally, Signet became the personal sponsor of Australian Air Guitar Champion, The Jinja Assassin, and Australia’s best female air guitarist, Lily Rock n Roll. Signet followed and filmed their journey to the World Air Guitar Championships in Finland, created a Tropfest film which became a finalist, and released episode 1 of an 8 episode ‘Signet Original Series’ called ‘Rarified Air’ to be finalised over the coming months. Stay tuned! Signet is proud to say that throughout the entire journey “not one single air guitar has been damaged whilst in Signet Packaging”.


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