Australia Needs A Pay Rise

Finalist 2019
United Voice

Advertising Agency Flip
Creative Director Jesse Richardson
Copywriter Jesse Richardson
Art Director John La Motta
Agency Producer Andrew Welstead
Client Marketing Manager Tim Petterson
Digital Producer Sarah Coates
Other Contributors

Rich Wang - DOP
Martin Fay - Sound Recording
Ross Batten - Sound Engineer

Entry ID 25110

Economics is kind of boring. We set out to make it less boring, and connect with voters, by using motion infographics and a narrative form to tell the story of how and why Australia Needs A Payrise. It’s a story that resonated with people who are feeling the real effects of wage stagnation and wealth disparity. The video was viewed 151,000 times, got 3,700 likes/reactions, 656 comments and was shared 3,748 times. Our favourite comment was this one: “Jesus Christ this video makes me proud to be a union member. Finally a video that explains it all. More of this!!!”