Turn the tables

Finalist 2019
Hospo Voice
Fair Plate


Advertising Agency Flip
Creative Director Jesse Richardson
Copywriter Jesse Richardson
Art Director John La Motta
Agency Producer Andrew Welstead
Client Marketing Manager Tim Petterson
Digital Producer Sarah Coates
Other Contributors

Chris Ashworth - Illustrator

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Hospitality workers are at the pointier end of the casual workforce economy. The disparity in power between employees and employers in this sector means that wage theft, sexual harassment and illegal practices are commonplace. To redress the power imbalance we came up with Fair Plate – an online web app that gives workers the ability to rate their employers past and present so that people can see what’s really going on under the table, and make informed decisions about the places they eat and drink. The video received over 38,000 views and 266 likes/reactions, with 2855 reviews being given to both good and bad venues at the Fair Plate website.