Mater Brand Video

Finalist 2019
Mater Group
Brand Video

Advertising Agency JSAcreative
Creative Director John Lenneberg
Copywriter Laura Walls
Art Director John Lenneberg
Account Service Carla Steadman

Entry ID 25147

As part of the preparation for the Mater Groups external and internal launch, we created a series of engagement pieces that sought to ensure the new Mater Group brand would be brought to life for our customers and championed by the team culture internally. We introduced the new brand via an engaging brand video that was played online, during the roadshow presentations as well as on the Mater Intranet.

Though the aid of this video Mater’s new brand reception has been overwhelmingly positive, customers are enthusiastic and highly optimistic about the new brand, and with each ministry within Mater feeling a greater sense of unity and value across the wider group.

The good news continues, in only a few months the Mater Group have tracked an upward shift in brand recognition and highlighted perception for Mater Group as the premium health care brand in Queensland, marking a successful brand launch.