Stay Home

Bronze 2019
Metro South Health
Flu Prevention Campaign

Advertising Agency JSAcreative
Creative Director John Lenneberg
Copywriter Don Blackley
Art Director John Lenneberg
Account Service Jeremy Bews

Entry ID 25955

Metro South Health sought to spread the word on the steps involved to avoid the flu, creating behavioral change that went beyond seeking a flu shot alone. They also needed to speak to those who had already picked up the sickness and what the best options were to seek health care.
Paying homage to the in-flight safety messages of the 60s, we created a bright, retro, illustration driven campaign that included two videos to guide the public through flu “Prevention” and steps to “Stay Home”.
This approach worked, in a sea of cluttered flu jab messaging the campaign received strong traction online, both videos seeing great engagement. This “Say Home” video alone reached 73,952 people, with 195,739 impressions and 126,365 video views within the first three months. The two online videos have reached in total 438,394 people, with 1,463,137 impressions and 113,110 video views.


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