Stop The Rise OF STIs – Mirror

Finalist 2019
Queensland Health
Sexual health awareness

Advertising Agency GrowthOps | Khemistry
Creative Director Lindsay Thompson
Copywriter Tim Kelly
Art Director Salvatore Borzillo
Account Service Dianne Grice & Daniel Paull
Client Marketing Manager Heather McGregor
Other Contributors

Finished artist: Steve Wallwork

In Australia, the rate of Sexually Transmissible Infections in young people (aged 15-29) is on the rise.

The Queensland Government identified that this increase coincided with decreasing knowledge of correct safe sex practices – and that almost half (48%) of young adults felt that sexual health information was not relevant to them.

As part of a larger integrated campaign, we needed to find a unique way to get young people to engage with the low-involvement/low-desirability sexual health subject.

For the female demographic, we created a cheeky mirror decal to make the message instantly relevant – ‘mirroring’ the target’s context back to them in an unexpected way. By (literally) placing the viewer within the ad, the ambient placements helped change sexual health attitudes and improved positive sentiment towards yearly STI testing.