Ladbrokes Virtual Set

Bronze 2019
Cutting Edge
Virtual Set Production

Client Marketing Manager James Burnett
Other Contributors

Head of Immersive: Tim Schultz
Unreal Developer: David Reece
Motion Graphics: Victor Bandeira
3D Artists: Rob Conn and Ahmed Nashabe
Post Producer: Samara Keune

Entry ID 26095

Ladbrokes required an innovative solution to create large quantities of content that included betting tips and sporting news across a variety of sports to share throughout their blogs and social media channels. These updates need to be quickly and easily created to respond to changes in betting odds. The speed of which content is needed couldn’t come at the cost of quality, and needed to use remote talent located across the country. We gave Ladbrokes a unique end-to-end solution that included designing and building a virtual environment for their hosts. The virtual set production pipeline utilised talent shot against green screen, which was keyed into a virtual space. Using a virtual set freed Ladbrokes from traditional production restraints and costs. The result is a bespoke branded studio that unlike traditional green screen production methods facilitates multiple camera angles, dynamic camera moves and interactive on-screen graphics – far exceeding traditional production techniques used by their competitors.


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