Wrappt Launch Event Activation

Finalist 2019
Vivo Group
Wrappt Launch Event Activation

Advertising Agency Vivo Group
Creative Director David Steel
Client Marketing Manager Ryan Miller, Nicholas James
Production Company Ride Free Media
Design Studio Vivo Group
Graphic Designer Lisa Judge
Finished Artist Isaac Ibbott
Front End Designer Lisa Judge
Digital Producer Emily Luck
Back End Developer Trent Steel
Other Contributors


Entry ID 26217

Launching a new, game-changing video product was always going to be a challenge.

Explaining how the technology at the heart of it works? Even harder.

So how did we do it? By hosting an interactive demonstration—disguised as the Wrappt launch event.

To engage the guests, we crafted a plan to have them film the evening for us.

On arrival, guests were handed a ‘film challenge’ card, detailing the shots we needed them to film, using the Wrappt App.

The script was made up of 20 unique shots. When filmed at different vantage points by our 150 guests, these shots would together become the official Wrappt launch event video.

At the end of the night, the fully edited and user-generated Wrappt launch event video was aired back to attendees.

The results?

Without knowing it, each guest had become a videographer—experiencing first hand, the workings and simplicity of the product.