Dan Higson ,

Judge 2022
Smith & Western, Director

I have worked in the music industry all my life. First as a failed pop star. OK, it wasn’t all a disaster – I was in Hawaii’s first punk band (Open Wide) and I appeared live on Top Of The Pops several times as “stand-in bass player” for 80’s Pop/Jazz outfit Matt Bianco due to a clerical error. I also guested on keyboards in my famous brother (Charlie Higson, writer and creator of UK comedy show The Fast Show)’s punk/funk band The Higsons. But it wasn’t until I jumped the fence into the “jingle world” that things really started to come together. Since making the switch to composing and producing applied music, I have worked in the ‘music for advertising’ industry for over twenty years now, both in London and now in Sydney. In that time the music and sound I have produced has helped sell airlines, cars, department stores, nappies, chocolates, sports drinks, fast food, TV stations, mobile phones, magazines and a whole lot more.