Susan Stitt ,

Judge 2022
permanent colour, Director/DP

Over a period of 30+ years Susan Stitt ACS has worked her way up through the local and international film and commercial industries, working on all media including art series, documentaries, feature films, and TVC’s. In 2014 she was awarded her letters from the ACS, for excellence in the field of cinematography as the 7th Woman in Australia. She has won Gold, Bronze and Silver for projects at the ACS awards in 2016-2021. Susan has just had her Portrait of Warwick Thornton from “The Beach” TV series accepted into the permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery. Susan has specialised in the intricacies of lighting and the possibilities of Colour. Working as a Stills Photographer, as well as Director/Director of Photography, on many jobs, Her work is recognised globally
Susan is represented in the US by Artistry, and in Australia, Spry Films and the Raven Collective. For now Susan lives in Tarana, NSW, Australia,